eBook: Manufacturing in the Age of the Customer, Part VI

LO-VC to Configuration Engine


eBook Overview:

This part of our eBook provides information and guidance to help companies quickly and successfully make the journey from using only the LO-VC configuratior to using Configuration Engine Knowledge Bases in IPC or CPQ as well. As with Many such journeys in SAP, this can be a difficult one if you do not have all of he facts or the benefit of experience from those who have done it. 

Part VI of our eBook series on Manufacturing in the Age of the Customer covers:

  • How to run a LO-VC model in IPC
  • The IPC Delta List 
  • Readiness Assesment 
  • Model Conversion 

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About the Author:

Lawrence Matusek Headshot

Lawrence Matusek |eLogic Executive VP & CTO

Lawrence  explores challenges and benefits of implementing these systems the way they were designed to be implemented. Lawrence has been implementing packaged business systems (ERP, CRM, PLM, etc.) for nearly twenty years.



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